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What we can do

We serve various types of clients and events: event producers & planners, corporate fundraisers and galas, hotels, country clubs, meeting facilities, pharmaceutical conferences/summits, music festivals & outdoor events, collegiate and other educational institutions, as well as non-profit and government organizations. These clients come to us looking for one turnkey package of Audio/Visual services combining a little or all of the following options:

  • Audio for the event including microphones, monitors, backline and speakers
  • Video playback for IMAG of the stage, PowerPoint, or pre-recorded footage
  • Lighting of the stage or room, as well as effect lighting for visuals
  • Staging, draping and podiums for the presentation area
  • Power distribution for all the above needs
  • Communication systems such as walkie talkies and ClearComm

We have various types of corporate clients who are looking for Audio Visual services which combine a little or all of the following options:

10.17.17 Wm. Penn Charter School Wise Image Photography 33 Web
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Floor to ceiling, stage to accent wall; our lighting can be used to incorporate a brand’s color into the event space and illuminate the stage, or completely transform the venue to create an unforgettable visual experience. Popular types of lighting include: uplighting; wash lighting of the stage, walls, or dance floor; pin spotting of the details; decorative lighting, including market/bistro lighting, vintage Edison lighting, and crystal chandeliers; moving-head intelligent lighting; and custom gobo projections.

7.13.18 Dell Music Center Philip Gabriel Photography Web 64
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Ensuring your message can be heard loud and clear is our specialty. From a small PA system for a 10 person meeting to a complete audio system for festivals with tens of thousands of attendees, we’ve got you covered. We have a wide selection of rider-friendly microphones, monitors, backline, and speakers, all designed to collect and deliver crisp sound from the source to the audience. Featured brands: d&b audiotechnik, Shure, EV, Clair, Soundcraft, and JBL.

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Our versatile video equipment is capable of high definition playback of pre-recorded slideshow presentations or other media, as well as live feed image magnification (IMAG) broadcasting. We have a variety of screens, including front & rear projection, LED, LCD, as well as our modular 6mm waterproof LED video wall. We also have a large selection of high-output projectors, in addition to scalers, switchers, and anything else you may need to ensure your audience is receptive to the visual element of your presentation or performance. Featured brands: Barco, Analog Way, Eiki, and Decimator Design.

5.16.18 Lackawanna College Commencement Their Photos 8
5.16.18 Lackawanna College Commencement Their Photos-8
STAGING 360 Digital Studios-451 Resized
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Our modular staging decks can be constructed in any size, accommodating a single speaker or an entire orchestra. Our staging can also be constructed at various heights, with stairs and railings to ensure safety of all in attendance. We also have velour draping in various colors for backdrops and room divisions, as well as wooden and Lucite podiums for speeches or other presentations.

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We have velour and sheer draping in various colors, all at 20’ lengths. Our draping is suitable for stage backdrops, room divisions, or as a décor element. Our inventory also includes red carpets for grand entrances, as well as rope & stanchions.

RIGGING 360 Digital Studios 278 Resized
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We offer ½ and 1-ton motors, along with shackles and spansets, allowing your audio, video, or lighting equipment to be rigged from points above. Our inventory also includes standard and light-duty truss at various lengths.

Ssl Se 6


Take your event to the next level with the addition of jaw-dropping special effects from Synergetic! Check out our Sparklers and CO2 Cannons today.

081 NACE Synergetic Sounds Web
081-NACE-Synergetic-Sounds Web


Who said you have to project video onto a flat, rectangular screen? With video mapping, we can project custom video content onto any surface, including wedding cakes, giant foam heads, specific areas of a building’s exterior, boxes, cars, or whatever else you have in mind. Use your imagination; there is no limit to the creativity that this service allows!

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We have a wide variety of power distribution systems, capable of supporting small to extra large amperage requirements. Our inventory of distribution units is compatible with various cable assemblies. We also carry industry-standard communications systems from Clear-Com, the leader in wireless real-time communication, enabling your technical directors and other event personnel to coordinate every detail from any location of your venue or grounds.

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5.14.15 PA Convention Center Joey Bleiler Photos-145


As a design element, truss adds a unique industrial feel to your event space. As a functional element, truss is used as the primary mounting surface for our moving-head intelligent lighting fixtures, as well as the base of our sturdy frame structure for our LED video wall and other large and heavy production elements.

The process and how to get started:

  • Call us anytime M-F, from 10am to 6pm and ask to speak with a project manager
  • That project manager will listen to what you are looking for, make suggestions, and catch things you may not know you need and be able to get you a price within a reasonable amount of time
  • We may need to do a site survey prior to quoting you a price
  • The quote will be emailed to you in an easy to read format so you know what you are going to get.
  • For certain clients, a pre-visual may be sent of the room so you can virtually see what it would look like. Click here to learn more about this.
  • We require a 25% deposit at the time of the contract
  • Final payment is due prior to the event