Building Unfair Advantages …and Large Screens

January 30, 2018 Synergetic Audio

Our partners for this event were an independent, integrated public relations and marketing agency with a global presence, hosting a sales and leadership training for their top 125 performers. Since employees from all around the world would be joining in the experience, it was crucial that our client’s message was delivered the right way the first time, as there was no margin for error. After learning the basics of the event, we listened to their goals and objectives, took notes, and put together custom proposals for their review, all while keeping their budget in mind.

The client’s primary goal was to provide a seamless high-tech audio/visual experience from start to finish, and needed to include a video screen of some type to display the company’s custom slideshow presentation. After determining the inherent architectural limitations that the venue’s built-in stage presented, we quickly realized this screen could not be a projection-based solution, as the throw distance was inadequate for the size of screen they wanted to use. Due to this impediment, we suggested our LED video wall, and our creative team prepared a CAD rendering to demonstrate the scale of the wall while simultaneously providing a pre-visualization of the screen on the stage:

In addition to providing the client with a visual rendering of their stage design, we also used the software to ensure we met all safety, size, and weight requirements the venue had in place. Vectorworks, our powerful CAD rendering software, allowed us to manipulate the layout and configuration of the video panels in realtime to determine the maximum width and height of the design, and since the built-in stage had a strict weight limit of 2 tons, we also used the software to calculate the cumulative weight of the structure -screen panels, truss, cables and all- as we designed it. At the time of final rendering, our structure weighed in at 1,592 pounds, well within the safety limits set fourth by the engineers at Le Méridien. The company’s Chief Creative Officer, who was leading the program’s overall design, made the decision to move forward with our modular LED video wall, and we constructed the custom 21′ wide by nearly 10′ high screen to fit perfectly on the stage:

It was certain that everyone could see the presentation from any seat in the house, but we had to establish the same confidence that everyone could hear the keynote speakers while delivering their presentation, as well. To reinforce the audio, we installed an 8-speaker PA system appropriate for 300 guests and strategically placed the speakers throughout the space to distribute the sound evenly and sufficiently.

To complete the experience, we worked with the client’s printed décor elements as well as their other partnered vendors to determine the most appropriate lighting design. We illuminated the stage using 4 leko fixtures, and we projected a brick wall texture onto the client-supplied draping around the perimeter of the room, color-matching the event’s theme and print components. Special thanks to Philip Gabriel Photography for the images throughout the post.

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