Here’s how we get started

Audio Visual Services
Capabilities What do we help with
  • Audio
  • Special FX
  • Video
  • Draping
  • Lighting
  • Hybrid/virtual
  • Staging


Design Suggestions
How we will help How we are going to help
  • Multiple options for unique outcomes
  • Renderings of the suggested designs
  • Easy to read/proposals
Event Project Management
Manage your expectations Planning of your event
  • Manage expectations of the outcome
  • Site surveys
  • Communication
  • Phone calls, Emails, meetings
Technical Support
Talent The onsite execution
  • Consistent technicians from event to event
  • Patient with changes
  • Smart
  • Capable of working to your high standards

Substantial in-house inventory

Our extensive inventory allows us to provide you with aggressive pricing. We consistently invest in new technology to offer different experiences for your audience. Our equipment is well maintained in our 20,000 square foot warehouse just outside of Philadelphia.

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Let’s make you look good

Our best customers expect us to present them with creative choices. They want to see pictures from past events and renderings of possible options. Easy to read proposals that they can share with their team. They want help in creating content such as graphics, lower thirds and video segments. Our customers are busy and they value a partner that can help with all things technical.

How we will help

Every company has equipment. Not every company has a Joe, Amelia, Michael, Justin…

You will talk to and work with a dedicated project manager and account manager from start to finish. You expect us to pick up the phone when you call and return an email timely. Having the capacity to give your event the time it requires is a non-negotiable. You should never have to repeat yourself.

Manage your expectations

The people to back up the equipment

The technical team that executes your event will be on time, easy to work with and patient with any changes that need to be made. Our technicians go through a significant vetting process prior to working for us and we offer & expect on-going yearly training. Best of all, they find ways to make the event fun. They genuinely want to make your event a success. Many of our best customers ask for technicians by name for their events.


Our Customers Love What We Do

We create unforgettable memories through multi-sensorial experiences. Crafted from art and technology pushed beyond every limit. We’ll proactively go further to assure your event is remarkable!

Matthew was a great lead and I really enjoyed working with him. There is a reason we have built such a great partnership with Synergetic and it is that we can always trust your teams to execute flawlessly without us being right next to them.

Non-Profit Event Planner

Amelia, thank YOU! Your quick replies to emails and follow up really helped me stay on track for the event. I was a team of one for the Dash this year, so I appreciate all of the support form our vendors to help move things along. You might not think you did much, but I appreciated the support and check ins on what was needed from me.

Senior Events Coordinator

Your team was fantastic for Autism Acceptance Day! They kept their volume an appropriate level and load in/load out was simple. I appreciate your team for their consideration to the rules and regulations for events for our space!

Event Planner

It was great working with Synergetic, all around. From my first conversations with you, then connecting with Joe on the project details; communication and support leading up to the event, and then of course, the event itself. I am grateful to you, and Joe, and all the hardworking [very skilled] technicians that helped us with this project!


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