DJ’s: Make your live streams look BETTER!

December 29, 2020 Synergetic Helpful Information

If you are a DJ looking for a stage to broadcast your live stream from, Synergetic has exactly what you need. Our stage will help you look better, give your viewers something exciting to watch and get you more credibility. All for a very affordable price.

Synergetic is offering an 8-hour package for up to 8 DJs to use the stage. This includes a lighting designer with use of our entire lighting rig, 3 cameras for 3 different angles, video wall graphics and a recording of your show for $1,000. Get a bunch of DJs together and this can be a very affordable way to produce a great looking recording for you to stream.

If you are interested in a live stream of your show, we are offering that for $750 that includes up to 2 hours for you to broadcast live from.  It includes the lighting designer with our full lighting rig, 3 cameras for 3 different angles, video graphics, and the broadcasting of the live set.

Let your skills shine on a stage that represents you better than the green screen in your living room! We can create a setting like you see in the video below, customized for you, keeping you on brand and looking great for your audience.

If you are interested in learning more or want to set up a time to tour the studio, call us at (215) 633-1200 or email us at


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