Essential Information to Consider When Contacting Us for Your Event

June 13, 2023 Synergetic Helpful Information

The amount of information needed to plan an event can be dizzying. Whether it’s the venue, the occasion, the budget, or the number of guests…it can all get lost in the mix. To be prepared when reaching out, there is key information you should know. Of course, there’s the who, what, when, and where, but what additional pieces of information should you consider?


The budget is a crucial piece of information in the designing and conceptualization phase of the event. It considers: the realistic expectations you have about the event, the planning and time spent leading up to the event; the look and feel you want your guests to experience; and the different types of technology (production value) we can use to provide that great experience. This allows us to immediately determine your desired outcome and enables us to quickly provide options that work for you financially.

Prior Experience

If you have organized similar events in the past, share your positive and negative experiences. What did you like? What do you wish went better?  This will help us understand your preferences, lessons learned, and specific requirements.  We can leverage our expertise and suggest innovative ideas or alternative approaches based on our understanding of your past events, ultimately enhancing the overall event experience.

Event Purpose 

Explain the purpose of the event and any specific themes or objectives you have in mind. This will help us understand the overall ambiance and atmosphere you wish to create. We can design lighting, sound, and visuals that complement the theme and create an immersive experience for attendees. The purpose and theme of your event also may have specific technical requirements. By sharing this information, we can select and provide the most suitable audiovisual equipment that aligns with the event’s needs.

Decision Makers

Armed with the knowledge of the decision-makers, we can establish clear communication with appropriate individuals during the process. This streamlines communication, reduces delays, and ensures that important decisions can be made promptly.

Venue Requirements 

Your event’s venue has a remarkable effect on multiple aspects of the planning process. Does the venue require you to pay for internet or power access? These services can be costly and affect the budget. Does your venue have an exclusive A/V provider? If your venue has an exclusive A/V provider but you’d like to use a different vendor, you may be charged to do so. Does the venue require union labor? You will be responsible for paying for union labor in addition to technicians billed for in our contract.  The requirements of the venue is important information to share and allows us to effectively plan for labor, necessary equipment, and budget requirements.


By providing these additional details when reaching out, we can establish effective communication and collaboration to create a memorable event that aligns with your vision and requirements. Give our Account Management team a call at (215) 633-1200 and lets start the conversation about your next event.

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