Is when and where your graduation taking place stressing you out?

April 21, 2020 Synergetic Audio

You’ll remember, always, graduation day … unless you don’t have one. You’ll never forget that!

Commencement can still happen. 

High schools across the area could potentially see themselves with a problem coming into June with commencement season. They may not be able to hold their normal commencement due to the restrictions that will remain in place, from what we are hearing, until July…maybe longer.

So how can the school have a graduation ceremony?

Administrators options are going to come down to how creative they can get. With not much time and the uncertainty of the next few weeks, administrators have to think quickly and come up with the best plan.

Let us help.

The team at Synergetic has come up with a few options and they all center around using a parking lot and the graduates cars.

Our approach is simple

Imagine this.

The school has a parking lot. Or there is a parking lot close by that the school can use. Every student attends their graduation ceremony in that parking lot.

Here is what we are thinking:

  • The graduates arrive to the parking lot in their vehicles, with their families and stay in their vehicle.
  • Synergetic will set up, at the very least, a small stage and microphone. Depending on how elaborate you wanted to get, Synergetic could set up larger stages, jumbo-trons, podiums, etc.
  • All the cars are parked facing the direction of the stage
  • The school would have the commencement presenters each take their turn speaking and by using technology, we could have the audio transmitted to the car stereos of each vehicle.
  • If they wanted to add a visual experience, we could have slide shows, graduates’ names, even video of the presenters on the jumbo-tron.
  • We can video tape the entire ceremony, as well as broadcast live over the internet.
  • Best of all, this would be safe, it would allow the practice of social distancing and still give the students a sense of comradery from graduation.


Here are some CAD renderings of  our vision:


This is all customizable to the schools needs. The cheapest configuration starts at $3,000.

The students need to have something this year and this is the perfect way to give them a commencement to remember.

We would also be able to work with multiple schools in the same space to bring costs down even more.

If this is of interest to you or someone that you may know, please give our office us a call at (215) 633-1200 or email us to get a quote.


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