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January 13, 2022 Synergetic Helpful Information
Below are some examples of how our best customers have been using Synergetic to make their events a stress-free success.

The American Cancer Society asked us to provide a unique set up and design for one of their intimate events. We were able to provide a small, but exciting design that included:

  • A unique lighting plot which utilized creative lighting options such as our Astera Titan Tubes.
  • A sound system that was flown above the ground to avoid any sight line obstructions and provide comprehensive coverage.
  • Staging to elevate the presenters and performer so that every attendee could see the program clearly, no matter where they were seated.

A special performance from Grace Potter made this event that much more exciting! ACS appreciates that our team can provide all of the equipment for an event like this, while also being able to handle all of the specific technical requirements for a headlining artist. They are very hands off and expect the Synergetic team to deliver a outstanding result, every time.

One of our clients needed 2 projection screens, a sound system, stage and room lighting, and most importantly – an overhead camera system for a 3-day conference. For this unique event, the client needed to show the audience exactly what the presenters on stage were doing with their hands, so the overhead camera was extremely crucial to the successful impact of this event. We also wanted to give the room a clean look so using pewter drape, instead of black, helped produce that outcome.
This client was very detailed oriented and expected a high level of communication from our team leading up to the conference.
We were contracted to provide the entire technical production for a local concert in Atlantic City at Boardwalk Hall. The lighting rig consisted of 64 fixtures and the sound system included 68 cabinets from D&B. We also provided a 20′ x 10′ video wall. Our client liked that we could be the single point of contact for all three services (lighting, audio, video), and that we could manage all three turnkey. This allowed them to focus on other parts of the production and not have to worry about three different teams for each element.
Video projection is not always capable of being done in venues for a host of different reasons (room brightness/windows, sightlines/obstructions, adequate space for required throw, etc.). In those cases, video walls are the next best option. Our client contracted us to provide a high resolution (2.6mm) video wall for their conference. We offered project management leading up to the event, as well as the technical staff to manage the graphics on the video wall.
This was the only support the client needed from us, and appreciated that we worked easily with the other vendors on-site.
Drexel University recently hosted their fall concert and contracted Synergetic to provide everything from the stage and audio, to the special effects and crowd control. Our team handled every aspect of this technical production. We submitted an easy to read proposal, provided state of the art equipment, and deployed professional and experienced technicians that got the job done right according to schedule. Our dedicated project and account managers listened to their needs and provided creative options for the student event committee to choose from. We also advanced the entire rider for the headlining act Flo Rida.
Drexel has a lot to worry about with this production, so they expect their technical provider to deliver. Drexel appreciates our ability to make this event stress free for them, while ensuring the students had a great time returning to campus for the new school year.
Hear From One of Our Customers:
Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to share feedback. It was a 10/10 experience from planning to execution. Mike was so helpful and accommodating – he and the rest of your team made sure to show me all of the options possible to make sure the client was happy. It felt like a real collaboration with the client’s best interest in mind 😊. This was especially appreciated as I know my client had a very specific look in mind. 
Philadelphia Event Producer
November, 2021
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