Low Profile Video Wall

April 30, 2018 Synergetic Audio

For this event at the Adventure Aquarium in Camden, New Jersey, our client opted for our LED video wall to double as both a dynamic stage backdrop and a functional display for their custom content. Since the venue’s ceiling heights aren’t as limitless as their sprawling aquatic life tanks, we had to devise a low-profile method of rigging our wall within the space that would not distract the guests attention away from the presenter or their video content.

Using our TOMCAT truss, we created an inconspicuous support structure that was perfect for our 16 foot wide video wall. This structure kept the bottom of our wall elevated about two feet above the stage, ensuring maximum visibility to all those in attendance:

To further ensure the presenter could be seen as well as heard, we illuminated the entire stage using two ellipsoidal leko fixtures, toned down using dark amber gel and strategic focus. We added our lucite podium downstage right, placed the panelist’s chairs and table centered in front of the video wall, and placed eight speakers around the perimeter to ensure the delivery of a crisp, clean audio feed from the presenter.


Venue: Adventure Aquarium
Photographer: Wise Image Photography

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