Mix-Off Contest

August 31, 2020 Synergetic Audio

Back in July, we had a local cover band “Go, Go, Gadget” do a performance on our stage set. It was a 90’s theme that lasted for a little over an hour. We had a blast! Our team of technicians were really happy to be back doing audio, lighting and video for live music.

Joe Cooper, one of our Project Managers, came up with an idea that we should have a competition with our sound engineers. We would pick one song and, using the stems of the song, the engineer would remix the song as they thought was best. Any technician could enter the contest. They would all use the same song. A group of judges (our account managers) would then listen to each mix and pick the one that they thought sounded best.

We had four engineers enter the contest. Below are their 4 submissions. What mix do you think sounds the best? Vote for the best.

[Total_Soft_Poll id=”4″]

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