Staying on Track with Speaker Timers

December 11, 2017 Synergetic Corporate Events

If you are hosting a meeting, summit, or conference, and plan on featuring one or even multiple keynote speakers, a speaker timer can be a crucial component in assuring that all speakers stay within their allotted timeslots. Our speaker timer is made up of 3 major components: a podium timing unit, a stage timing unit, and the controlling console that is used by one of our technicians in front-of-house. Both the podium and stage units are programmed remotely using the controller, which allows us to select the appropriate duration of the presentation, including total time and a warning period for when the speakers begin to approach their time limit. Both the total time and warning time periods can be customized, and we can also program multiple presentation time periods, in case you have several individuals speaking at your event.

Speaker timers allow you to:

  • Give your speakers a clear understanding of how much time is available to them without having to ask during their presentation
  • Have a seamless flow between formalities and stay on track through the entire event
  • Present a more polished, professional event to your audience or guests

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