Tourism Bureau Luncheon

January 26, 2018 Synergetic Audio

How do you add WOW to a business luncheon? A 45 foot wide screen, obviously. When the client gave us a call, they made their goals clear and concise: “we want a huge screen to blow everyone’s mind, and it needs to double as a stage backdrop.” Luckily, we know how to accomplish all three of those goals… we’ve got plenty of huge screens, they can double as a backdrop, and they will definitely blow people’s minds.

To get things started, we assembled our massive 45 foot wide and 15 foot tall projection screen at the end of the room, dropped a dozen staging decks in front of it, and used a technique called projection blending to create one gorgeous, seamless picture of the client’s custom content using two of our 20,000 lumen projectors:

Over the middle of the room, we flew two separate arrays: one for lighting and one for sound. Completing our lighting array were nearly 50 various fixtures, including static ellipsoidal lekos for the stage wash and custom logo gobo projections, along with a few different types of intelligent fixtures designed to project a variety of colors and designs around the room. These fixtures are perfect for adding energy and excitement to event spaces, and are the same type of fixtures used to add the same excitement and drama to concerts and large award shows, such as The Grammy’s:

Our audio array was equally impressive thanks to our d&b audiotechnik V-Series PA system, delivering incredibly powerful and clean audio to every seat in the house. Incorporating a dozen V-12 loudspeakers in addition to 8 V-Sub subwoofers, we provided ample audio reinforcement for all 600 guests. The complete experience was nothing short of immersive, extraordinary, and just plain gorgeous. Special thanks to our friends at Philip Gabriel Photography for capturing the spirit of the festivities beautifully.

Services Used:

  • Color-changing LED uplighting
  • Intelligent lighting
  • Stage wash
  • Logo gobo projections
  • Black perimeter draping
  • 20,000 lumen projectors
  • 15 x 45′ projection screen
  • HD camcorders for IMAG
  • 1-ton motor and truss rigging
  • Staging
  • Podium
  • d&b audiotechnik line array PA system
  • Comms
  • Power distribution

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