V-Series by D&B AudioTechnik

November 7, 2016 Synergetic Audio


Synergetic is pleased to announce our recent purchase of the V-Series loudspeaker system by d&b Audiotechnik, a highly efficient midsize line array that can efficiently produce pristine audio for events ranging from presidential rallies to weekend-long concert festivals.

Today’s line array technology culminates with the V-Series PA system from D&B AudioTechnik. It is designed to be one of the more efficient boxes on the market, providing even coverage throughout any indoor or outdoor venue. The V-Series is lighter than comparable medium-format line arrays, which will keep the cost of rigging down, and maintains the sleek “D&B look” for versatility in many different situations.

The V-Series is an efficient system to load-in, rig, and provide sound in almost any environment: festivals, corporate events, ballrooms…. The V-Series can be deployed to cover small intimate functions and, with the simple addition of more speaker boxes, can become the ideal solution for thousands of attendees. The innovative rigging system reduces setup time, and saves on labor costs, while using e cient amplifiers for a minimal amount of power consumption.

D&B’s propriety processing system gives us an amazing amount of control, so we may direct sound waves in the appropriate pattern for your specific venue or event space, providing the most even coverage. This allows us to control noise pollution, and ultimately direct sound to the exact place it’s needed. The V-Series can be ground stacked or flown, depending on the application.

For more information on availability and pricing for your next event, give us a call:
(215) 633-1200
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