Discover the New D&B E8 Loudspeaker

July 1, 2024 Synergetic Audio

We recently expanded our selection of loudspeakers in the D&B audiotechnik family to include the E8 loudspeaker.  The E8 is a high-performance multipurpose loudspeaker that excels as a stand-alone system for speech and music or as part of a larger sound reinforcement setup. In our mission for low-profile speakers that provide superior sound quality, we evaluated several options in the E series from D&B and found the perfect match in the E8.

But what does that mean for you?

Key Features of the D&B E8

Compact and Lightweight: Weighing just over 16 lbs, the E8 is easy to transport and install. It’s almost three times smaller than traditional larger speakers yet nearly twice as loud.

Wide Dispersion: With 90° x 50° and 50° x 90° dispersion options and a rotatable horn, the E8 provides even coverage in both horizontal and vertical positioning. This means fewer speakers are needed to cover a room effectively.

Flexible Mounting Options: The E8 is equipped with M10 rigging points, allowing for versatile mounting and setup configurations. This flexibility lets us place the speakers creatively without relying on typical speaker stands.

Robust Construction: The E8’s rigid cabinet is built to withstand the demands of touring and installation, ensuring durability and reliability.

Sound Clarity: Engineered to deliver high-quality sound at high outputs with minimal distortion, the E8 is a top choice for professional events. Notably, D&B was used on Taylor Swift’s tour, showcasing its premium performance.

Improved Sightlines

One of the significant advantages of the E8 is its impact on sightlines. The low-profile speaker stands are much more visually appealing, allowing guests to see the room, stage, and screens more easily. Many guests may even wonder where the sound is coming from due to the sleek design.

Sleek Setup

As shown in the picture, our traditional speaker system setup is more intrusive than the sleek setup of the E8. The flat base stand eliminates the need for tripod-style speaker stands, and the small profile of the E8 keeps the space uncluttered and visually pleasing.

Fewer Speakers

The efficiency of the E8 means we can use fewer speakers overall. This translates to fewer items on the floor, quicker setup times, less labor, and better sound coverage for all attendees.

We are thrilled to deploy these speakers at your events and can’t wait to hear your reactions to their look and sound. Talk to one of our Account Managers or Project Managers if you’re interested in incorporating the E8 into your next event.

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