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May 7, 2020 Synergetic Corporate Events

Covid-19 has made the events industry slam on the brakes. And right now, everyone is trying to think of the next move with very little information.

Synergetic thinks that there is going to be a growing demand for a place where people can have a professional setting to create video content or host live virtual events.

  • Are a non-profit who relies on your events to raise funds and create awareness?
  • Trying to find a way to celebrate the accomplishments of your company and the people in it?
  • Trying to update the public on what is happening with your company?
  • You could be a C-Level executive that needs somewhere to record the messages you want to deliver to your team. A place that is NOT your living room or home office.
  • You could be a musical artist that needs a place to record your virtual concert. Or a place to create a music video or demo reel. Or just a place to rehearse with lighting, sound and video.
  • You could be a business that needs to create content for social media, a backdrop for your branding film or place to show off your product.

The team at Synergetic has come up with something that will help you pivot. It is efficient, effective, and affordable.

Synergetic has created a 5,000 square foot TV studio available for you to record and produce your content. We have everything that you will need to use. Audio, lighting, video, cameras, teleprompters, stage pieces…you name it, we have it here ready for you to take advantage of. 

We have two options for you.

You can come in and use everything that we have. All of our equipment, technicians and meeting rooms are at your disposal. A very turn-key option.


You can use our base option that includes just the stage set and you can bring in your own team to record and produce.

Does not matter to us. As long as you know you have a professional setting to create the content or produce a live, virtual event.

Here are details on the basic space and what is included with our base price:

Space: 46 feet wide x 32 feet deep x 15 feet tall

Backdrop: Black velour drape 

Lighting (multi-point): 6 Mac Auras – upstage flown, 6 Mac Auras – stage left and right flow, 6 Elation 5Rs –  up stage flown, 6 Elation DaCinci’s – Stage left and right floor6 Elation Picasso’s – down stage flown, 6 Elation Seven Bar 42’s – up stage floor.

One technician for assistance.

You can rent any of our equipment in addition or you can bring your own. (Ex. Mic’s, mixers, cameras)

Many of our own customers are taking advantage of this option. Here a few of the bookings we have already:

  • A non-profit is going to do a 1 hour, live event, complete with live silent auctions and donating. They are going to have an MC with two hosts that will interact with the audience. They are going to play 2 videos that they were planning to play at the “in person” event. And they are even going to take “live phone calls” from key executives that can’t make it to our studio. They are anticipating generating almost as many donations as if they had the real event, all while putting out much less money.
  • A local executive needs to give a speech about the state of the company and the sales projections. He does not want to do this at his home and needs a professional space with teleprompters, the proper lighting and the ability to share his PowerPoint.
  • A local band is trying to produce an online concert and needs the proper sound system, mixing capabilities, multiple cameras and lighting design to make it look great.
  • A local video company just needs a space with lighting. They will bring all the necessary cameras and equipment with them.

We have half day and full day packages available. Pricing starts at just $950.

If you are interested in getting more detailed pricing, please email us at info@sslproductions.com or call us at (215) 633-1200.

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