Virtual events for the person who has never hosted a virtual event

May 8, 2020 Synergetic Helpful Information

We know that this may be the very first time you are stepping into the virtual event world. And you literally have no idea what to do. Or how to do it. Or if you even want to learn how to do it.

The team at Synergetic has been doing virtual events since 2015. And not only do we know what we are doing, but we have the patience to help guide you through the entire process.

We thought we would give you a little crash course for you. And if you like the direction we are heading in, give us a call and let us help. 

First, there are three key things to think about when doing a virtual event:

  • Proper equipment – You have to have the right gear. If you don’t and you have 500 people watching something that isn’t properly set up, you are going to look bad. Synergetic uses the industry standard streaming hardware and software to properly stream your event. So you, or the people that are on the screen, look real good.
  • Platform – We can help you select the right platform and advise you on the proper way to manage all the settings. You have something like 17 choices. Do you really have the time to pick the right one?
  • Production value – We want to make sure that what the viewers are watching is representative of you and your organization. Do you really want it to look like the zoom calls you have been on lately? Or do you want something that has pizzazz to it. Come on, lets make it look interesting!

Production Value Options

Landing Pages

Lower thirds or graphics at the bottom of the screen 


Graphics options

On-line bidding 

Lets talk about how we work.

You get a dedicated project manager that will help you with everything that was in the bullet points above, as well as everything that is below:

  • Review all expectations with key stakeholders on what the result needs to be of the virtual event.
  • Help your team create a run of show (timeline) so we can really see what this event is going to entail.
  • Helping your video team (or use ours) with any content that needs to shot. 
  • Reviewing all the platforms and selecting the ones that work the best for your outcome.
  • Phone support for anyone that may need to have some extra hand holding for recordings that are done prior to the stream. (Some people may need to record on their cell phone or through their laptop)
  • Managing all the additional content that you want to show during the event.
  • Creating the title slides and graphics that you may wish to have. Ex. Adding names, pictures, etc.
  • Creating a landing page for the early arrivals to the stream with the right music.
  • Work with your video team (or use ours) to properly set up the cameras, microphones, lighting, etc. that will be needed.
  • Technicians to either be on-site or at our facility to either execute or help you execute the directing and running of the streamed event.

Do you really want to do all that…

Plus quite a bit more… by yourself?

With no-one to call on?

You have a lot of stress right now and we have a lot of time to help you make this go really smooth and really easy.

Our team of Project Managers and Technicians are ready to make your virtual event look much better than you are used to. So when you are ready, give us a call and let us help you turn this:

Into this:

Call us (215) 633-1200 or email and let’s make sure that you and the people that are going to watch this have a great experience!

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