35th Annual AAPI Convention

July 12, 2017 Synergetic Audio

We were pleased to assist the American Association of Physicians of Indian Origin kickoff their 35th annual convention, held in Atlantic City, New Jersey. The multi-day convention, taking place from Wednesday through Saturday, drew thousands of physicians and other health professionals from across the nation. Attendees enjoyed educational forums on a diverse range of topics, an awards ceremony honoring outstanding members of AAPI, as well as high-class entertainment by none other than Kailash Kher, Shailesh Lodha, Neha Kakker, and Shreya Ghosal, not to mention the AAPI’s Got Talent competition.

Working side-by-side with the event planning team at AAPI, we listened to their goals and objectives of the conference and devised a plan to accommodate all of their needs, while delivering a memorable and unique experience for all. Ensuring all attendees could adequately hear and see the presentations and speakers in a 100,000 square foot conference center was of utmost importance, achieved by using some of our newest  equipment from d&b audiotechnik, Barco, and Elation.

The north side of the ballroom was reserved for the focal point of the conference: the stage. We created a dynamic, visually stunning backdrop using our two foot modular square LED video wall panels, creating a whopping 40 foot wide and 16 foot tall center-flown screen that rotated custom content of both the static and moving varieties. With a 6mm pixel pitch, the client’s content displayed in a resolution more than double that of typical stadium JumboTrons. To maximize visibility relative to the viewing angle of the attendee, we also incorporated the two in-house projection screens to the left and right sides of the stage and used our new 14,500 lumen Barco projectors to fill the screens with an ultra-bright, crystal clear image. Directly above center stage we flew 6 of our Elation Artiste DaVinci intelligent fixtures and 6 of our Martin Mac Aura intelligent fixtures, and thirty feet from the front of the stage we rigged additional Martin Mac Auras, in conjunction with the in-house lekos, all with the primary function of stage illumination.

Our d&b audiotechnik line array PA system reinforced the sound for both the speakers and the performers, delivering clean, distortion-free audio independent of seating arrangements. The main hang consisted of 18 d&b audiotechnik boxes comprised of both V8 and V12 models -9 on each side- with the side hangs being comprised of 10 V12 boxes divided equally. Incorporating the V8s in conjunction with V12 cabinets ensured an even distribution of sound, with the V8 delivering a longer audio throw thanks to the cone’s acute dispersion angle of 80 degrees compared to the V12’s shorter throw due to the cone’s 120º obtuse projection angle. A total of 16 subwoofers were installed, 8 per side, and our JBL VRX constant curvature array speakers completed our front fills and part of our side fills, which were supplemented with our EV QRX subwoofers. Stage monitors for the performances were provided in the form of our Clair Brothers 12AMs, providing the performers with ample real-time audio of their own individual projections, produced regardless of instrumentation. The main PA was driven by the impressive d&b D80 amplifier, recognized for its outstanding audio reproduction.

Services Used

  • Audio reinforcement
  • LED video wall
  • High-output projectors
  • Intelligent lighting

All photos throughout this post are credited to Wise Image Photography

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