4 things to do BEFORE you want to have a virtual event.

June 25, 2020 Synergetic Helpful Information

Over the last couple of years, and especially the last couple of weeks, we have complied a list of some key things that you want to consider before you deice to have a virtual event. Here are four of them:

  • Who is going to be the face of your organization if you were to do this? It is not easy being in front of a camera and if you want your viewers to be engaged, you will to make sure you have someone who is good talking to a camera.
  • Figure out the message you want to deliver and the reason you want to do a virtual event. It can be for any of the following reasons: Just to deliver a message to your customer base, awareness about something going on in your company (award presentation, new information needed to be released, etc.) and/or to raise funds.
  • Prepare for the amount of time it will take you to produce a virtual event. You will need to make sure your organization has the time set aside work through the planning of this kind of event. This is not something that can be produced and executed in 2 weeks. We are seeing the average amount of time of two months from the time of the first call to the day of the broadcast.

To get the full list of things that we think you need to think about, email us at info@sslproductions.com.

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