5 helpful things for event planners in 2022

March 2, 2022 Synergetic Helpful Information

We like to keep our planner partners up to speed with on-going trends in the event industry. Trends that could help make their event less stressful, more creative and/or save time.

Below are a few things that the Synergetic team has been using leading up to and during our events.

Shoflo: https://shoflo.tv/corporate-events/

Shoflo is an end-to-end solution for planning, scripting, and broadcasting events. Think of this as the end all be all of your show flow. The number one pain in the ass on the event day is following the timeline. You can list all the things that come into play: not enough copies, not in color, print to small, people not being able to follow along and plenty more. Shoflo stops all of that and keeps all the stakeholders on schedule, at the same time.

Wireless communication 

We still show up on events and have customers tell us they have never used a wireless communication system before. We don’t want to ask how they did it prior to using Synergetic, as we are scared they are going to say “we just called each other on our cell phones”. Once they have used wireless communication systems, they never want to do another event without it. Ever. Wireless communication has come a long way in the last 10 years. Gone are the days of having a headset that is connected by a wire. In 2022, you should be able to walk anywhere in the room, wire free, and talk to the important people that need to be communicated with.

Wireless internet

This is the most dynamic option available to our customer base right now. With the rise of internet costs in venues, Synergetic has been able to secure robust wireless internet options so you DO NOT have to pay the ridiculous charges that in-house AV companies are charging you. We can successfully provide wireless internet, on a secure network, to not only the crew & presenters, but also to the attendees. This is going to save our customers a lot of money. As well as not being held hostage by the in-house AV company anymore.

One big screen

The two screen (one setup on either side) design will never go away, BUT clients have started moving to one, larger screen, in the middle or behind the presenter. Technology has made it easier and cheaper to accomplish this design and it should be something that you consider for your next event.


I think we can all agree that there is no longer a need for your average drape backdrop. With plenty of backdrop companies that have popped up in the last 10 years, there are lots of ways to create a visually enhanced backdrop to make your stage look better. And once those backdrops are properly lit, they can create the kind of stage that you are proud of. Our relationships with the industry leaders in backdrops allow us to get great pricing for you. We handle the shipping, the rigging, the set up and the lighting. Ask us to show you some of our favorite backdrops and maybe we can use one of them on your next event.

Pre-rigged truss

We like to use solutions from other sectors of the entertainment industry and share them with customers that could benefit. We do quite a few concerts throughout the year and one way that we have saved time and money is by putting our lighting on pre-rigged truss. This kind of truss allows a smaller team of technicians to build the lighting rig in the shop days before your event. It is wheeled on the truck and then into the ballroom. It quickly gets connected and flown in the air. No longer a need for a large lighting crew to be billed for set up/strike days.  No need for a place to store all those cases. We can set up quicker and get out faster. This can be very helpful for the events that you don’t have the luxury of having the ballroom for as long as you would like. Save time on load in. Save space needed for empty cases (lighting cases take up the most space). Save on trucking. Wins all the way around.

Give us a call and let’s talk more about these and other options available to you. (215) 633-1200 or email us at info@sslproductions.com

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