8 Things That Can Make a Difference on Your Event

December 28, 2023 Synergetic Helpful Information

1. Wireless Communication

The ability to communicate seamlessly throughout the event venue is invaluable. Wireless communication allows key people to connect across different rooms and even different floors, ensuring smooth coordination. Last-minute changes, updates to the schedule, and technical direction can be relayed quickly, and without any disruption to the event.

2. Printers On-Site

While it might seem mundane, having a printer on-site from your A/V company can be a game changer. No more running to the business office or relying on venue staff to print essential documents; everything you need is at your fingertips, and updates can be distributed quickly.

3. Wi-Fi Hotspot

In today’s digital age, a reliable Wi-Fi hotspot is a must. Offering a simple, dedicated hotspot solution for your team ensures that everyone stays connected and can access necessary online resources while on-site. It also ensures those last-minute presentation submissions can be downloaded onto the show laptops quickly, and that your connection doesn’t suffer as more attendees join the venue’s guest network.

4. Additional Microphones

Often, we see clients request the exact number of microphones they need on stage. However, when it comes to transitions between sessions, having to unclip lavs from the current presenters and reclip lavs to the next presenters can disrupt the show flow, and can leave presenters feeling a bit scrambled right before heading onto stage. For a small additional cost, you can double the number of microphones, eliminating those awkward changeovers.

5. 2 Camera IMAG

Enhance the visual experience by incorporating a second camera for different angles and audience pans. It’s a cost-effective way to keep attendees engaged and capture the event from multiple perspectives. It’s also an easy way to upgrade your event recordings.

6. GoPro Camera Behind the Scenes

The technical director, operating crew, and event producer usually get stuck working behind the drape line. Placing a GoPro camera at the front of the room offers them a presenter’s eye view of the show and allows them to gauge show flow and audience reactions. Having this perspective ensures the crew is always aware of the event dynamics.

7. Catering for A/V Technicians

Don’t forget about the tech team! Efficient use of time is crucial, and providing on-site catering ensures that A/V technicians can refuel without leaving the venue. Simple lunch options can go a long way.

8. ROS Monitor (Run of Show)

Keep everyone on the same page by utilizing dedicated monitors around the tech area to display the live run of show. This real-time information is essential for coordinating various aspects of the event seamlessly.

By incorporating these eight elements into your event planning, you can elevate the experience for both your team and attendees. If you’re interested in learning more, give our account management team a call today at (215) 633-1200!

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