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May 12, 2017 Synergetic Audio

Communication systems tend to get overlooked, and oftentimes are deemed low on the list of necessities when it comes to corporate event production. The success of many events, from both a behind-the-scenes and audience perspective, relies on the frequent communication of all event stakeholders, and we have outlined the benefits of using a dedicated system to ensure effective and efficient communication below.

Corporate events are typically operated by three or four audio/visual technicians simultaneously, with specialists dedicated solely to managing audio, video, and lighting, along with one technical director to oversee the production as a whole. For larger productions, additional techs may be required to operate multiple zones of audio, video, or lighting, with additional directors being appointed to manage groups of techs and services as needed. In addition to our staff, our clients typically employ one or two people to assist with the flow of the event, along with a stage director to manage the presenters and talent. Wouldn’t it be beneficial for all of these individuals to communicate with each other via headset, instantaneously?

Our communications systems are the perfect solution for larger, more complex events that feature several services that must work together harmoniously. Our state-of-the-art wireless communication systems allow all stakeholders to address each other instantaneously, without the need for the individual to vacate his or her assigned post to deliver the message. Gone are the days when you had to shout towards the A/V table, “roll the video now!” and sending a text message to the presenter saying “wait, don’t go on stage yet!”. Our system enables all parties to effectively communicate time adjustments, on-the-fly changes, when to expect formalities or other special events, or any other information that contributes to the overall success of the event.

Our wireless communication systems will:

  • Keep all people in constant communication with each other
  • Make your event run unquestionably smoother
  • Allow you to be confident that last-minute changes can be easily implemented
  • Make you smile when the proper message is delivered at the end of the event

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