Detail Lighting – Defined

September 22, 2016 Synergetic Lighting

When planning a wedding or other special event, you may encounter industry jargon that can quickly become confusing and overwhelming. You may hear words like ‘leko’ and ‘par,’ and with no prior knowledge of lighting equipment and techniques, it can be a daunting task to effectively communicate with your project manager to achieve your dream vision. Today, we will cover the basic lighting styles that are encompassed by the term detail lighting, and the appropriate vocabulary for each type of lighting.

Pin Spotting

Pin spotting is the perfect complement to a floral centerpiece, elegant cake, food spread, place cards, or any other small detail you’re trying to bring attention to. In the past, this style of lighting required large and bulky fixture arrays mounted to a pipe and base that were difficult to camouflage into the background of the venue. With recent technological advances, the need for pipes, bases, and clusters of large fixtures is expired, and we are able to achieve a more beautiful design using magnetic, battery-powered LED fixtures.


Under-Table Lighting

This type of lighting is very effective at creating allure and interest within a space. Using wireless LED par fixtures, we light the entire table from the bottom and create a glow and brilliance unachievable by any other type of lighting. You can use this type of lighting to illuminate special tables, such as the sweetheart, cake, place card, DJ, or gift table, or you can light each table in the space for a cohesive and unique design.


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