Exploring The Ways Customers Use Our Services

March 9, 2023 Synergetic Helpful Information

How Our Best Customers Have Used Us Recently

Hip hop concert for 10,000? No problem. Our concert customers always appreciate a nice design, great crew, and our attention to detail. We provided a powerful d&b J-rig that made sure every attendee heard the prime rhymes and the deep 808s, as well as an intelligent lighting rig that offered dynamic designs for every performer. This easy, but efficient design allowed us to get in and out quickly keeping venue costs at a minimum. Our technicians were able to get everything flown quickly, ensuring sound checks were on time. Our client had to spend very little of their time worrying about us, both leading up to the show and on show day. In turn, they were able to focus on other aspects of the show that required their attention. Our clients love this about us, and it’s what has them calling back every time!


We provided turnkey audiovisual support for this company’s two-day national sales gala which included an awards ceremony, a talent show, and a general session. Our corporate clients want access to our time, that was this client’s number one request. When they needed to hop on a call with us or have an email answered, it happened quickly. This client wanted a unique and creative design that drove home the theme, while remaining within budget. Our team worked with the client to design a custom stage set which included 3 large projection screens, Atomic set pieces to spice up the stage, and an intelligent lighting package that transformed the ballroom into a unique experience for each portion of the program. We provided a 3D-computer generated rendering (CAD) which showed what the room would look like months before the event. This allowed decision-makers to better visualize the final outcome and get excited about the look and feel of the room. With over 500 people in attendance, we flew a d&b rig to give attendees ample floor space and ensure the sound was crystal clear throughout the entire space. We utilized technology and processes from our concert division to accelerate set-up times, which saved our client money on their venue rental. This was a huge help, and meant more of the budget could be allocated towards creating an unforgettable experience for their employees!


Last month, we had the pleasure of working with a local youth foundation to support hosting their first fundraising gala since the pandemic. The goal was to make this event fun, and one to remember. Guests entered the event on an illuminated red carpet and then were greeted with a room washed in brand colors, patterned lighting across the floor, and entertainment from multiple DJs and bands. Synergetic helped with everything from the backline and audio, to lighting and drape. We understand things change throughout the life of the project, and that some of those changes – small and large – can happen within 48 hours of the event. Our client appreciated that our team was there to answer the last-minute calls and emails, outside of work hours, to accommodate the unexpected addition of a national act. While we were initially hired for lighting, our team was able to immediately help with the request and provide the necessary equipment to fulfill the riders. We provided the requested microphones, as well as the monitors, speakers, and consoles. We also allocated 2 audio technicians the day of to help manage the national acts and ensure they sounded great. Having the capacity to take that stress off of the client so they could focus on the guest experience was crucial. We did just that!


This client called us two weeks before their semi-annual board meeting. We are well-equipped with staff and gear to make these last-minute events happen. The client did not want to have a lot of back-and-forth calls and wanted us, the experts, to make it happen with little oversight. This event was being recorded for those unable to attend, and the client wanted the recording as soon as the event was over. This meant the event had to be recorded and switched live! One of the most crucial objectives of any meeting is to ensure everyone can clearly see and hear what’s happening, even in the back. We provided large TV monitors which displayed a picture-in-picture view of the presentation content and presenter simultaneously.



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