Getting Visual with Video

April 30, 2018 Synergetic Corporate Events

Many clients, planning both corporate and social events, want to incorporate photo or video elements into their design. Whether the video capabilities are included to display a photo slideshow at a family party or for a sophisticated live feed of a speaker delivering a presentation, we have a full suite of video equipment to convey any message you want your guests to receive. How do you know which one is best? Read below, or give us a call and one of our project managers will ask you the right questions to suggest the best solution for you and your event.

LED Video Walls

Our LED video walls are the most spectacular of our screen offerings, presenting a truly seamless and impressive high-definition image of your content, in nearly any layout configuration you desire. Using the modular individual 2×2′ panels, we can construct the wall in various shapes and sizes to suit your venue and budget, creating unique displays for all types of events. Our video walls are also waterproof, so you can rest assured your outdoor event will still have impressive visuals, rain or shine. With a variety of methods to rig the video wall, we can install the screen in most indoor facilities, and any outdoor venue. Oh, did we mention this thing is brighter than the digital billboards you see along the highway? So bright, in fact, our techs have to wear special sunglasses when they are testing the panels.

LED Displays

Our LED screens range in size from 20″ to 90″ and all produce crisp, high-definition images of your photo or video content. Our LED screens can be used for a variety of purposes, including confidence monitors for your presenting speakers, digital signage for trade shows or informing guests of important information, photo or video playback, or to provide visuals for guests seated in places that lack a clear sightline to the primary screens. LED displays are usually the best solution for social events or small corporate events, as the footprint required for the necessary equipment is the smallest of all solutions.


With a seemingly endless inventory of projection screens and a versatile fleet of projectors, we can create extraordinary visuals for truly impressive and immersive experiences. For ultra-bright video requirements, our 20,000 lumen projectors can be used individually or in combination using projection blending techniques to produce brilliant, color-rich images. We can also go as big (or small) as you need when it comes to screens, with our largest projection screens measuring in at over 45 feet wide. The only downside to video projection is the space typically required, which can vary based on the throw distance from the lens, the type of lens used, and whether the client desires front or rear projection. While perfectly suitable for large events, projection is not recommended for social events with substantial emphasis on appearance, as a projection screen and projector can seem more ‘clunky’ than a sleek LED screen.

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