Giving Our Clients More: Offering Multiple Quote Options

February 20, 2023 Synergetic Helpful Information

Three Tiered Quotes

At Synergetic, we pride ourselves on providing multiple options throughout the quoting process. These may include enhancements for your event, such as creative ideas that you may not have thought about, as well as options to scale back the design should budget concerns come into play. Our account managers will provide these suggestions along with a formal quote, which is built to reflect what we think is appropriate based on the event goals and objectives you’ve presented us with.

The following quote was provided for a two-day event with an expected attendance of 150 guests. The goal of this event is to provide training to employees through keynote presentations and panel discussions. The client intends to record the event to be able to sell the edited recording to other companies in their industry. Presented Budget: $20,000.

1st Quote – Higher Production Value:

We always like to propose an option for the client to go the extra mile for their event. We aim to impress and like to include options for you to do the same. In this case, the following was included in the quote:

Drape and Uplights behind the stage

  • The addition of drape and uplights creates a better look for the attendees and more specifically adds depth and dimension to the space for the camera recording. This addition isn’t necessary as there is already a view of the city skyline behind the stage, but we believe it will greatly benefit the recording quality of the event and give the space a polished look. Bright light behind the stage can cause overexposure for the cameras and may result in presenters appearing very dark in the recording.

Catchbox microphone

  • In addition to the uplighting and drape, we recommended using a Catchbox microphone to make the audience Q&A session more engaging. We’ve all experienced the awkward silence after “any questions…?”. This powerful wireless microphone is housed inside a soft, foam cube that can be thrown from attendee to attendee. You’d be surprised by the increase in interaction when this microphone is included in Q&A discussions.

Two 90” Delay Monitors

  • We hate sitting in the back of an event or concert and squinting, just like you. The two large-screen TVs ensure that no matter where the attendees are sitting, they have a perfect view of what is happening on stage.


  • Based on the number of panel members who would be sitting on the stage, as well as the moderator at the podium, it was recommended that a 12′ deep x 20′ width stage be included. This stage will raise the presenters making them more visible to the attendees and cameras.

We understand that these enhancements may not always be possible for the client, but we are inclined to create unique event experiences and enjoy providing recommendations to make that possible. With the suggested upgrades listed above, the quote total comes to $29,000.

The rendering above reflects the following A/V support:

– (1) 7’x12’ Projection Screen with a dress kit and front projection to display presentation slides and videos

– Required laptops for video playback, including all processing, switchers, and cabling

– A black velour drape backdrop for the stage

– Uplights for the drape backdrop, as well as for the pillars throughout the event space

– A basic stage wash to illuminate keynote speakers and the panel

– (2) 90” TV monitors to be utilized as delay screens

– (8) wireless microphones   (5 Lavs, 2 Handhelds, and 1 Catchbox for audience Q&A)

– A clear, lucite podium for keynotes

– A 12’ deep x 20′ width x 2′ high stage with skirting

– A sound system adequate for the 150 expected attendees (8 Speakers total – 6 mains and 2 foldbacks for on stage so speakers can hear themselves)

– All set-up, operation, and strike labor including a full prior day load-in and set-up. A production supervisor to interface with the client, as well as the vendor who will be recording the event.

2nd Quote – Functional:

To be budget-friendly, we may also offer suggestions to simplify your event. This typically includes removing equipment or labor to lower costs. In this case, we proposed:

Source the stage from the venue

  • A stage sourced through us would require more labor, more time, a larger truck, and more money.

Remove the delay monitors

  • It was also proposed that the two delay screens towards the back of the venue could be removed. Although, it was noted that attendees sitting in the back would have a difficult time seeing the stage without these monitors.

Remove the Catchbox microphone

  • The Catchbox microphone adds a creative and fun aspect to the Q&A session, but is not necessary as a standard wireless microphone can get the job done.

Remove the scenic elements

  • The removal of the drape and uplights would reveal the skyline as the backdrop. Although, as we mentioned earlier, this would affect the recording quality of the event causing the presenters to be overexposed.

We’ll always share our concerns with scaling back, and what that might mean for your attendees. If it makes sense for the client and offers a cost-saving solution, we are more than happy to recommend an alternative. While we don’t always necessarily recommend these alternative options, we understand that your budget has a limit. We will always be as accommodating as possible to your financial restraints and will work with you to achieve your vision while ensuring your event is still a success. With the suggested revisions listed above, the quote total comes down to $17,000.

3rd Quote – The Perfect Fit:

For the sake of your budget and the production value of the event, we like to offer something that meets these two in the middle. This compromise will make certain that your event is still a triumph without breaking the bank. In this quote, we kept the scenic elements and delay screens knowing that the investment would pay off for both the attendees and the overall goals of the event. We left off the Catchbox microphone, and again encouraged the client to source the stage through the venue since it would likely be cheaper and logistically easier. This middle-ground quote satisfies the client with an ideal solution to please their goals and their budget. With the above options, the quote total comes to $22,000.

Final Outcome

We were able to offer the client a solution that was above and beyond what they thought they needed, a solution that fit their budget, and one that struck a balance between elevating the production value and accomplishing the event’s basic goals. For this event, we were also able to offer a discount to get the client closer to their intended budget. This is because they were a repeat client, reached out early, and we had no other confirmed events that were calling for the same gear. Their total cost came to $24,000 and included everything from the 1st quote, except for the stage which the client would source through the venue.

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