Graduation 911! Synergetic is helping schools with their sound, staging and video screen needs for Commencement.

March 7, 2021 Synergetic Helpful Information


Schools all over the country are trying to figure out last minute Commencement plans as Covid-19 restrictions ease up. But the one thing that is not on your side is time! Not only do you have to try and figure WHAT you want to do, but you have to figure out HOW to do it, in a very, very short time frame.

Are you a school that is:

  • Not sure if you are going to do another virtual graduation?
  • Thinking about doing an in person commencement on the football field?
  • And if you do have an in-person Commencement, how will everyone hear or see the stage since students need to be 6 feet apart?
  • Wondering where to get a stage at? Especially one that is ADA compliant.
  • Wondering if you can do both an in person AND virtual?


These are the same questions that every school is asking themselves right now. And they are all realizing that they can’t do this themselves and they need help.


Synergetic can help you:

  • Figure out what is and what isn’t possible
  • With pricing for several different scenarios
  • See what different set ups could look like with our CAD designs
  • Go over common pitfalls that are made when it comes to A/V for graduation
  • Have both an in-person AND virtual ceremony
  • Make it easy to understand so that you and the rest of the administration can make the right decisions


When can provide the following services for you


Our sound systems are designed for both indoor and outdoor graduation ceremonies. We will handle all the microphones, speakers, and pre-recorded playback. Doesn’t matter how many or where at.


Video Screens 

We can provide suitable video options for each school’s unique requirements. Projection screens for indoor events. Video walls for outdoor events. Our high-definition camera packages give the audience a clear feed to watch. Our team can deliver a fully edited program. Same day if needed.


Draping and Special Effects 

From long lengths of drape, to confetti and indoor flameless sparklers, our soft goods team can add creative touches to any stage, arena, or gym. We’ll be sure to show you unique backdrops for the stage.


Live Streaming

Live streaming your graduation ceremony has never been easier! Our broadcasts include a platform specialized to your needs, custom graphics, and lower-thirds. We will show the online audience exactly what the in-person audience is seeing, and more.



Our stages come in all different sizes and shapes. And can be ADA compliant. We have both lucite and wooden podiums available to choose from.



We can help with as much content creation as you need. From powerful videos to simple holding slides, our team of designers will create the
assets you need to stay on brand.



You may not need any additional lighting, but we have plenty of it if you do. Illuminate presenters, uplight the drape, or add some pizzaz to the stage.


Project Management 

Our fulltime team of account managers and project managers will make sure you concerns are listened to, that details aren’t overlooked and that you feel confident in our services. We will communicate with you consistently all the way up to the day of the event. And on the day of the event: We arrive early, stay late and have some of the nicest technicians in the area.


Our team is ready to listen to your questions and work on the best possible outcome for both you and the students.

Pick up the phone and call us. Or email us. But make sure you do it quickly! Every School is going to be the same situation and there will only be so many schools that we can help.

(215) 633-1200 or email us at


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