How Our Stage is Helping People Who Need to Create Professional Video Content

November 17, 2020 Synergetic About Us

2020 is going to go down as the year of virtual events, and Synergetic is going to be a big part of these events for years to come.

But we are also seeing a need for something else because of Covid.

A place to record your video content.

There is a growing need for a customizable space that customers can use to record talent-based content. And our studio stage is quickly becoming the solution.

With the Synergetic Stage, customers now have the luxury of going to a single location which has everything they need to produce professional content. We offer a large, open space that allows film and video companies, directors, producers, marketing agencies, communications directors, and many more to create the content they need, in a stress-free environment.

There are very few spaces in the Philadelphia metro market that offer this kind of opportunity for creativity and customization. The team at Synergetic thought about what is needed to make it easy for you to show up, design the look you want, record the content, review it, and leave with your footage. And do it extremely quickly.

  • Our stage is fully loaded with lighting, audio, draping, video green screens, and so much more.
  • Our master control room is fully outfitted to give you the ability to see, in real-time, what our cameras are capturing on stage.
  • Two green rooms, 20,000 square feet of space to properly social distance in, fast wi-fi, and plenty of free parking.
  • A team of professional technicians to help you feel comfortable and confident.

Below are some of the customers that have taken advantage of the Synergetic Stage:

  • A video production company that had their own cameras, but needed a large green screen, proper microphones, audio recording equipment, creative lighting design, and set pieces. They also needed to view the camera feed in real-time to ensure it was what they had envisioned for the broadcast.
  • A communications director at a local law firm needed to record a series of host segments for their quarterly member meetings. They appreciated the locality of the studio to their main offices, the quick turnaround time of edits, and the fact that they could arrive at the studio at 8 AM and be walking out the door at 12 PM with 4-5 segments in hand, including live call-ins from remote speakers on the video wall.
  • A professional speaker needed a polished setting to record their motivational speech. They were thrilled with the options of using a teleprompter and confidence monitor due to the length of their presentation, as well as the ability to display supplementary information on the video wall behind them.
  • A professional sports team used the studio to record content to be published on their website and social media channels. They loved the idea of our 25-foot video wall to offer fans an added level of creativity and engagement.
  • A hospital and research facility needed a place to host a night of entertainment and fundraising to recognize their generous donors and conduct a live auction to support their mission. They utilized our master control room to switch between the camera feeds on stage and the online auction page to provide updates on the bidding in real-time. They also took a live call in on the video wall from a winery in California to explain the tasting experience they were auctioning.

If you are interested in learning how our stage can be used for recording your next video, give us a call or email us at We offer half-day and full-day pricing starting at $1,000. Call us to get more information and/or schedule a tour to see how we are helping our customers stand-out from the rest.


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