Music Festival Case Study

December 30, 2021 Synergetic Case Study

The promoter was tired of being let down in so many ways. You can only listen to excuses so many times.

T H E      C H A L L E N G E S
They needed a production company that would be set-up on time and stick to the agreed schedule. They needed a production company that would act as a team player, and be willing to help with the ancillary parts of the festival. They wanted the right amount of staff that knew what they were doing and adhered to the safety standards. They wanted audio, video, and lighting, along with creative design options that elevated the production value. The wanted the marketing banners to be displayed correctly.

They didn’t want these things, they NEEDED these things, They weren’t getting them with their previous production partners.

T H E     S O L U T I O N
We dedicated one project manager to the entire event that would be involved with every detail from the initial call to the final truck leaving the festival grounds. We also dedicated an assistant project manager who would function as the stage manager, and quite frankly, who was a bad-ass at what they did. In the planning stages, we provided realistic renderings and detailed CAD drawings of both the stage and marketing banners so the promoter could easily see what it could look like, and determine exactly how they wanted the end result.

We provided more lighting, larger PA, and vertically positioned video walls to make the production bigger and better than it ever had been before. Better because it was more engaging, better because the audio covered a more expansive area – ensuring everyone in the crowd, even those all the way in the back or grabbing another beer at the bar could see and hear clearly.

We overstaffed the festival with technicians so that the performers and bands got to stage on time, and set changes were a breeze. Nothing annoys a crowd more than waiting around between sets as people scramble on stage. These extra technicians also ensured last minute changes and requests could be accommodated. An integral part of the festival’s success was the fact that we were a local production company – one that could patronize the local market and handle logistics with efficiency and ease.

T H E       R E S U L T
The promoter could focus on the things they needed to focus on. They didn’t need to worry about every detail and chase after their production partner worrying that the festival wouldn’t be set-up in time for the gates opening. In fact, everything was ready to go the night prior – allowing time for sound checks, video checks, and lighting rehearsals. Everyone could get a restful sleep each night – they didn’t have to worry about working late into the night to fix things or get ready for the next day. Bands got in early, and out on time, line checks stayed on schedule – leaving the promoter and performers with no stress, and just memories of a really great time.

We heard comments from A-list artists like:
– “This is the first festival we’ve performed at that we had the exact audio, lighting, and video rigs that you promised us during advancing riders.”
– “We have never been loaded out that quick.”
– “Your project and stage mangers are incredible.”
– “We could hear three miles away.”

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